The Solution Focus international and local communities organise many fascinating opportunities to meet and learn about SF throughout the year. Here you find the events that enhance the practice of SF in organisations.

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Upcoming Events

SFiO Sunday Fika!

Join us every third Sunday of the month with your coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Following the success of ‘Fika the Crisis’ we decided that the community spirit the Fika brings is worth preserving. Register for the next Fika via Eventbrite

SOL Summer Retreat 2021 ‘Nourishing your SF roots’

Join this year’s SOL Summer Retreat ‘Nourishing your SF roots’ taking place from August 2nd till August 6th 2021. It will be combined with the SF24 event!

SOLWORLD Conference 2021

We would be delighted to welcome you to the SOLworld Conference 2021 in Vienna, Austria. Together, we will have three days full of inspiration, co-creation, learning, acting, observing and reflecting about the impact solutions focus can have on the lives of many in and after such a crisis.

SFiO Global Chapter - Change Facilitator in Organisations on 31 January 2021

How can we use the SF framework and language we’ve learned about therapy and coaching in organizations? Led by Alan Kay and Cristina Muehl

Teaming for Results

Our first event for the year, 2021. All are welcomed to attend. We planned for two sessions to cater to participants from Europe and India. Hope this helps to get us to a good start for 2021.

2021 SFiO Downunder at the Solution Focused Bootcamp

New date! Join us for 2nd SFiO Downunder at the Solution Focused Summer Bootcamp 2 which will be held on FRIDAY 29 JAN from 0930-1130 EST

Past Events

SF24 Watch Party

Join our solution-focused community to watch a video and discuss the topic “SF and Risk Management” on 7 January 2021

SFiO Chapter Malaysia - Next Generation of Leadership Coaching

Join us on January 17th, 2020: SFiO Chapter in Kuala Lumpur. How does the Next Generation of Leadership Coaching look like in 2020? This event is launching the New SFiO Chapter in Kuala Lumpur!


Join us on January 17-18, 2020: SOLWORLDDACH 2020 in Frankfurt am Main . Wir freuen uns auf eine Open-Space-Konferenz! Euer Organisationsteam: Kirsten Dierolf, Frank Gollas, Stefan Kreil und Joachim Norf.

SFiO Global Chapter : “User’s Guide to the Future”

How can I use the “User’s guide to the future” as a coaching tool? SFiO Global Chapter Meeting with Mark McKergow and Peter Röhrig

SF Trainers' Conference 2020

Join the the SF trainers' conference on 7 & 8 March 2020 in Frankfurt Germany This is a very simple Open Space conference and is only for people who currently train others in Solution Focused Practice or for those who have trained others in Solution Focused Practice, including organisational work.

SOL Summer Retreat 2020

The venue and format for this year’s retreat have been chosen to support a small group spending time together in a beautiful and remote location near London in basic accommodation

fremtiden:live 2020

On May 28, 2020 is the Fremtiden:live Conference This fremtiden:live 3 (future:live 3) conference is a half-day conference with a focus on conflict management in organisations for leaders. The conference is held in Copenhagen, Denmark. Workshops and presentations will be in English.

Solution Focused Design Thinking with Stephanie Hammer

How you can use Solution Focus in Design Thinking

SFiO German Chapter - Begleitung agiler Transformation am 3. Dezember 2020

Begleitung von Mitarbeitenden, Ulrike Blumenschein und Manuela Peter im Spannungsfeld zwischen alter und neuer Organisation - agile Transformation bei der DBSystel

SFiO Downunder at the Solution Focused Summer Bootcamp

Join us for the launch of SFiO Downunder at the Solution Focused Summer Bootcamp

8ste SFiO Chapter of the Lowlands bijeenkomst!

We zijn erg blij om je te verwelkomen op een bijzondere achtste bijeenkomst van de SFiO Chapter of the Lowlands.

Building community in a crisis - Cristian Boldisteanu from SFiO Romania

Join us for the story of a group of Romanian Solution Focus coaches that volunteered their time during the Covid-19 pandemic to support people impacted by the situation. Cristian Boldișteanu, the project’s lead, and one of the Romanian chapter heads will present the story. We invite you to connect, explore, brainstorm, and reflect on how organizing projects in your local chapters and communities can bring people together and spread the SF approach.

Lead Projects More Effectively in A VUCA Environment with Solution Focus

Douglas will share his experience of working in an increasingly VUCA environment using Solution Focus.

What Can We Learn From Solution Focused Children?

Experimenting through shared experience An SFiO Global Chapter with Anna-Julia Szabo