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Co-creation Experiment – How can Solution Focus shape self-organisation?

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About this event

What happens if you bring together different people who are either interested in SF or self-organisation or both? As passionate SF professionals working with self-organising people, we have no answer! Let’s discover together!

With disruptive global events on all systems levels, we all face unprecedented turbulence and dynamics. Organisations, for example, are challenged to change due to massive whole industry changes. New technologies require new ways of organising sustainable business activities. New paradigms of leadership arrive with new ways of decentralised responsibilities and ownership opportunities. On a structural level, organisation experiment and co-create more agile or self-organised ways of working.

That’s what we will do together. We will start with a scenario, an organisational situation, where a leader asks us to embark on a journey towards self-organisation together. Most of us have experience in SF or self-organised ways of working, or even both, so we are ready to go.

We will work in small groups with a little bit of design thinking as guidance to have an intense and creative time, working on first ideas to start a process towards self-organisation. Further, we can explore how SF could guide and shape such a journey.


  • Christophe Bourgon, a professional aviation leader, experimenting with self-organised ways of working, skilled in SF and mediation, among others

  • Tomas Horak, an SF coach for leaders, teams and organisations that want to transform their culture, linking SF, self-organisation and design thinking to explore new ways of working

What is your passion, your skills, your bold ideas? And what will become possible if we mix all those perspectives in a co-creation experiment together? What difference would that make? We’re curious to find at least some clues of what could work with you together.

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Christophe Bourgon
Christophe Bourgon
InterAction Contributor
SFiO Contributor

Christophe draws on a two decades track records as Chief of Staff, Head of Business Management Operations and Director of International Sales in air navigation services, homeland security and telecommunications.

John Brooker
John Brooker
SFiO Reviewed Practitioner
Editor of Interaction
Chapter Head
SFiO Contributor

John has over thirty years experience of leading people to collaborate effectively. He gained his leadership experience as a Senior Vice President in Visa International, working on international projects. Since 2004 he has used his leadership and Solution Focus expertise to enable people in multinational and national organisations to collaborate effectively. He is Co-President of Solution Focus in Organisations, an SFiO Reviewed Practitioner and has an MBA from The Open University in the UK.