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How can the Cynefin framework help you understand complexity and tackle complex problems?

As a Solution Focus practitioner, you will be aware of how you can use SF to tackle complex change and challenges. Yet, how can you understand better what complexity is and identify whether a challenge is chaotic, complex, complicated, or clear? This talk will help you to make sense of it.

Outline “For leaders, facilitators, and change makers, getting a handle on the nature of a problem helps us to focus on the kinds of solutions we should be seeking.

As we have learned more about complexity and complex problems, we are learning that a ‘one size fits all’ approach doesn’t help us when we are confronted with emergence and ever changing dynamics.

The Cynefin framework, developed by Dave Snowden, is a useful tool for understanding the different nature of different problems and helps use different sets of approaches to these issues. Join us to learn more about this framework and how to use it in your practice.”

About Chris Corrigan Chris is a highly experienced trainer of facilitation and also facilitates, strategic design and decision making. He specialises in large group participatory processes for strategic conversations.

Chris is also a noted speaker and a well known teacher and steward of the Art of Hosting, an approach to participatory leadership practiced worldwide.

He is well known for his ability to convey the message of complexity and Cynefin with clarity.

Organisers This is a Solution Focus in Organisations ‘Global Chapter’ hosted from Canada by Annie Bordeleau. Please register to obtain the Zoom link.

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