Many SFiO Reviewed Practitioner are active participants to the growing body of knowledge around SF in organisations. There are books on coaching, team coaching, organisational development, articles in many different journals, websites full of material in many languages. We have listed the works in order of their appearance with the most recent publications above.

As a user of this website, we invite you to enjoy the material — if you have any specific queries about literature, please write to admin If you are a full member and would like to have your work represented here, let us know and we will put it on!

Many more books will be added in 2021, as we expand our SF Resource library.

English books

Brooker, J (2013)   The Creative Gorilla: Innovate to Learn, Don’t Learn to Innovate Panoma Press

Kay, A (2012) The Glasgow Group

Rohrig, P., & Clarke, J. (2008).  57 SF activities for facilitators and consultants: Putting solutions focus into action. Cheltenham: Solutions Books.

McKergow, M. &. Clarke. J. (Ed.). (2007).  Solutions Focus Working: 80 real life lessons for successful organisational change. Cheltenham: Solutions Books.

McKergow, M., & Clarke, J. (2004).  Positive approaches to change: Applications of solutions focus and appreciative inquiry at work. Cheltenham: SolutionsBooks.

Jackson, P. Z., & McKergow, M. (2002).  The solutions focus: The simple way to positive change. London: Nicholas Brealey.


German books

Röhrig, P. (Ed.). (2008).  Solution-Tools: Die 60 besten, sofort einsetzbaren Workshop-Interventionen mit dem Solution-Focus. Bonn: ManagerSeminare-Verl.-GmbH.


Japanese books

Aoki, Y. (2006). Soryūshon fōkasu no jissen manejimento: Mondai ni torawarezu kaiketsu e mukau koto ni shōten o ateru. Tōkyō: Kawade Shobō Shinsha.