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Using the Solution Focus Approach in the New Zealand Police with Young Offenders

Emma Burns, greg-oberbeck Introduction Solution Focused Practice within the Police. Yes, you read that correctly, the use of Solution Focused Practice within the Police. Emma Burns talks about a government initiative in New Zealand to identify and support young people to help them avoid a road of offending and instead be on a path towards a better life. While that was the initial aim, even more has been achieved in the work Emma has been doing.

A conversation with Emma Burns

Emma Burns & Carey Glass SFiO - Solution Focus in Organisations · Emma Burns - Developing Support For SF In Organisations Introduced by Carey Glass Can you imagine the police saying: “We see you when things are really bad, what would things look like on a good day?” or getting this feedback “This is the first time I have ever felt you care.” This is what is happening in parts of New Zealand through the work of Emma Burns.