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John Brooker & Annie Bordeleau [] Introduction by John Brooker What can people in organisations learn about the use of SF from social workers working with children and families? A great deal it seems. Sue Lancaster is a Service Manager in the Children and Family Service department of Essex Council in England. She manages The Divisional Based Intervention Team Service (D-BIT). This is an “edge of care” service which steps in where there is concern over family relationships breaking down and fragmentation may lead to children being moved in to care.

Application of SF Methods

Jody’s curiosity about what her friend did with her client that worked, could be compared to the attention the developers of solution-focused practice paid to what worked in the therapy they were doing. It also makes her article as much about learning the solution-focused approach as about its application to court proceedings.

"The SF Guide for Family Business"

Louis Cauffman Reviewed by Andrew Gibson I once met a new client who owned a small boutique hotel. She wanted to retire and pass her business on to her children. Unfortunately, neither of her children wanted to take the business on. So what was she to do? She needed help. In this small example, just one difficult family business problem is apparent. How do you help family businesses where there is all the added complexity of family ownership and involvement?