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An SF Conversation with Peter Szabó

Liselotte Baeijaert, John Brooker, peter-szabo & Carey Glass Introduction by Carey Glass What caused Sleeping Beauty to wake up? The kiss of the Prince or just that the 100 years of sleeping were over? What would we like to believe when we work as coaches, are we the kissing Prince, or do we just happen to be there in the moment when Sleeping Beauty wakes up anyway because 100 years are over?

"The Masterclass"

A welcome sign on an easel in the entryway near the door reads, Welcome to Masterclass, with Class of Masters below that in smaller print

Introduction to Host Leading

Hosted by Leah Davcheva Introduced by Géry Derbier On a beautiful Sunday morning, twenty or so participants set out to explore the metaphor of Host Leadership and its practices. Mark McKergow and Helen Bailey carved out the model of two steps, four positions, and six roles of a Host Leader. With the guidance of host Dr Leah Davcheva, participants constructed ways to use this model to benefit clients and themselves.

"Coaching Supervision"

Supervision for me is a space where you can stop, analyze your work with the help of external support to see things that you would not see on your own. In this article, I share my experience of supervision, offer an overview and present my model so that it can also serve as a support for reflective practice.

Coaching Clinic 教练演习会

Upscale your coaching skills by means of practice and support for a Community of Practitioners.

Reviewed Piece of SF work: Sari Nousianinen

Individual coaching process ‘Building a systematic method for creative work’ (2015-2016)

SFiO Chapter Malaysia - Next Generation of Leadership Coaching

Join us on **January 17th, 2020: [SFiO Chapter in Kuala Lumpur.]( How does the Next Generation of Leadership Coaching look like in 2020?** This event is launching the New SFiO Chapter in Kuala Lumpur!

SFiO Global Chapter : "User's Guide to the Future"

How can I use the “User’s guide to the future” as a coaching tool? SFiO Global Chapter Meeting with Mark McKergow and Peter Röhrig

Reviewed Piece of SF work: Sirkkaliisa Heimonen

Individual coaching process ‘Building a systematic method for creative work’ (2015-2016)

Building community in a crisis - Cristian Boldisteanu from SFiO Romania

Join us for the story of a group of Romanian Solution Focus coaches that volunteered their time during the Covid-19 pandemic to support people impacted by the situation. Cristian Boldișteanu, the project's lead, and one of the Romanian chapter heads will present the story. We invite you to connect, explore, brainstorm, and reflect on how organizing projects in your local chapters and communities can bring people together and spread the SF approach.