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"Drawing people out to be a better person"

Nic Vidot Introduced by Carey Glass Nic Vidot is a humble leader and a great story-teller. From his belief in continuous improvement, he describes stories of using SF to make life even better in the secondary school he led. SF became just way the school did things, and they used it in many situations, e.g.: Working with 100 student leaders, whom Nic met twice in each school term Asking questions in assembly Changing how teachers and students interacted in the school grounds When working with the parents of pupils or enacting change with the school’s leadership team In this audio, Nic verbalises his belief in Solution Focus as a leadership tool.

Doing With, Not Doing To

Maria Serafim, Jan Dolstra and Annette Gray Using Solution Focus Strategy Canvas in an Educational Setting Maria Serafim, Director Public Schools NSW in Sydney Australia is the leader of more than 30 school Principals. She has been working with them (rather than “work on them”, as she describes) in a solution-focused way to bring out the best in their leadership and to help them focus on what matters most in their work.

"I'll be honest - it's Solution Focus"

Michele Orr Introduced by Carey Glass What forms of power does a leader need for a remote working team during COVID19? Michele Orr heads up a mental health team in Melbourne, Australia and describes what levers have been necessary for remote working to succeed. Interestingly, from a clinical standpoint, staff have used Solution Focus more with clients and more effectively, when they focus on listening to clients on the telephone, rather than face to face.

"If I can you Can Too!"

A Global Chapter Meeting with Annette Gray and Peter McLean Introduced by Andrew Gibson With this simple premise, lives have been transformed in Australia, thanks to the Can Too Foundation. The Can Too Foundation works with a community of supporters who train their bodies and minds towards a goal event. While they benefit personally from this programme, they also give back to the Foundation through fundraising, and through supporting their fellow trainees.

Treasured Article - A Jewel From the Treasure Chest of the InterAction Archive

Stanus Cloete and Annette Gray "Creating one team that respects one another and enjoys coming to work" A review of Annette Gray’s Case Study from InterAction Volume 3 Number 2, November 2011 In this great case study, Annette has done a wonderful series of workshops creating a cultural change in a professional services firm in Australia. Her study focuses on the first workshop with the team. The management team of twelve high achievers was behaving in a “dysfunctional and competitive way” as described by the General Manager of the business unit.

Using the Solution Focus Strategy Canvas

Rod Sherwin Introduced by John Brooker Adie Shariff and Alison Abington published a case study about the Solution Focused Strategy Canvassing in 2010 in InterAction. You can find the original article here: The paper describes the use of SF strategy canvassing as “a way to support managers to develop and implement a strategy in practical and pragmatic ways, so to align people at all levels in the organisation in a collective effort…”.

How to solve problems without discussing them

Victoria Spashchenko Reviewed by John Teager Victoria Spashchenko is on a mission to realise a dream – that, one day, the whole of her home country of Ukraine will be Solution Focused. And, after Ukraine? The world! In this easy to read and highly practical book, Spashchenko’s passion for her cause and determination to succeed shines through strongly. This endearing little pocket guide, published in Ukrainian and English and deliberately designed to fit in a small bag or the pocket of jeans, conveniently doubles as a personal, ‘on hand’ ready reference as it invites the reader to record Solution Focus thoughts and comments and to respond to the questions posed within each section, either at the time of reading or later.

Reflections on the SFiO Review Process

Anton Stellamans, Katja Kiiski and Fiona Turner Introduction SFiO offers you as an SFiO contributor, an opportunity to become a reviewed SF professional for work carried out in or with an organisation. By becoming a Reviewed Contributor, you can demonstrate and certify that your work is truly respective of the Solution Focused Approach. SF has been developed by reflecting on the way we help people, teams and organisations. The SFiO Review process builds on this; it is a rich learning experience for both candidates and reviewers, a terrific way to share valuable resources amongst Contributors.

"Lead Projects More Effectively in a VUCA Environment with Solution Focus"

What shines through in this video is Douglas' delight at applying SF to the very traditional Project Management world and seeing how wonderful a difference it can make.

Empowering People for Successful Change

elvira-kalmer Introduced by Annette Gray Elvira Kalmar presents an inspiring Case Study session on how, as an Organisational Development consultant, she worked in a Solution Focus way with her client Invitech to bring about an agile transformation fast and with incredible lightness. Elvira engaged me as she described her approach (or lack of process as she explained), allowing the client to be the expert in their world, helping them define what agile transformation would look like and co-creating the steps along the way.