SFiO is an international network of solution-focused practitioners which promotes, supports and develops research and applications of Solution Focus in Organisations.

This website accompanies you in your discovery of SF by offering you an overview of SF events worldwide, access to the SF Clues, to the Online InterAction journal, and much more.  Enjoy staying curious.

Solution Focus Calendar 2017-2018

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22-24 September 2017 / SF World Conference

25 September 2017 / Online Chapter Zoom Meeting

SFiO Online Chapter Meeting

This on-line workshop will take place on Monday 25th September.  For participants in the local timezone  the event will start at 6pm local time (Australia, Sydney, NSW) which is GMT+10h.  Duration is scheduled for 1h 45m.

The workshop will be facilitated by Maria Serafim, Director Public Schools NSW in Sydney Australia is a leader of more than 30 educational leaders.  She has been working with them in a solution focused way to bring out the best in their leadership and to help them focus on what matters in their work.

All are welcome so please share widely.  For video-conferencing administration purposes, the number of places is limited to 50 people.  You will need to register with Eventbrite by reserving a free ticket below, and then please copy and paste the link https://zoom.us/j/2600143166 into a document or diary entry so that you can access it to join the meeting.

Your hosts Annette Gray (Australia, agray@growthcoaching.com.au or +612 92018000) and you can contact Andrew Gibson (UK, andrew@businessservicesleeds.co.uk or +44 7808 096170) for assistance.

Register here

16 October 2017 / UK London

SFiO London and Ireland Chapter meeting

Sharing SF tools

Do you want to learn some new SF tools, or ways to use SF tools? Or share a favourite SF technique? Or perhaps you would like to experiment with our warm and wonderful group and try out an SF tool for the first time? You would? This will be a very practical workshop so you learn how to facilitate SF tools. We will also have the usual emergent agenda and look to use some SF tools there too! So please sign up now: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sfio-uk-south-and-ireland-chapter-meeting-tickets-37425704289

No charge for SFiO contributors
This event is sponsored, so for current SFiO contributors, there is no charge for this event. You will only need to buy your tea and coffee (very reasonable price at the coffee counter in the UJ club) and lunch. One hitch, we cannot bring our own food in to the venue but the Jubilee Gardens are just a short walk away, or cafes exist on the station.

If you are not a current SFiO contributor, there is a £10 charge, payable in cash on the day, but you will need to sign up on Eventbrite so that we have your name for security purposes.
Please sign up as soon as possible and let friends and colleagues know.
John Brooker
Union Jack Club, Sandell Street London, SE1 8UJ


6 November 2017 / UK London

SFiO UK Northern Chapter

What to do when talking isn’t enough

Guest Speaker: John Wheeler, MD of SF Trainers Ltd, President IASTI, Board Member and ex-President EBTA, all-round SF superstar!

This event is supported by both the UK Association for Solution Focused Practice(www.ukasfp.co.uk) and the Association for Solution Focused in Organisations (http://sfio.org/).

The best hopes for our meeting is that we continue to develop a network of SF Practitioners and enthusiasts in
our area, and I would be grateful if you would share this invitation with anyone you think would be interested, copying me for information.

The idea of this event is that anyone who is interested in SFP can meet with likeminded souls for mutual education, information and the sharing of ideas and support.

The meeting will be held at 12noon on Monday 6th November, 2017 and will finish by 5pm. We will aim to start John’s workshop at 1pm prompt.  Register here


11 November 2017 / German Koeln

SFiO German Chapter meeting

Am 11. November 2017 ist Martina Grötschnig aus Graz zu Gast. Sie stellt Ihre lösungsfokussierte Arbeit als interne Organisationsentwicklerin in einer großen Landesbehörde vor mit dem Arbeitstitel:

„Neuausrichtung der Abteilung Soziales,   Arbeit und Integration – Neu? Aus? Richten? Wirkungsvolle Kommunikation in Zeiten der Veränderung!“

On 11 November 2017 Martina Grötschnig from Graz (Austria) will discuss with us her sf work as an internal OD consultant in a large public administration – working title “Effective communication in times of change”.

Anregungen und Themenvorschläge bitte an peter.roehrig@consultcontor.de/ For more information, feel free to contact me, Peter Röhrig

14 November 2017 / NEW!!! Lowlands Chapter

SFiO Lowlands Chapter meeting

All Belgian and Dutch SF professionals will be able to meet and exchange in a newly founded Chapter of the Lowlands.

On Tuesday November 14 we will convene in Breda (Druivenstraat 65, 4816 KB Breda). We start at 12:00 (allowing you the time to travel) and end at 18:00. A sandwich lunch will be provided. The meetings are free of charge (we ask a small donation for the lunch) and is limited to 20 participants.

Each session will offer a workshop, an opportunity to share your cases and time to network.

SFiO contributors (members) can register via eventbrite. If you are not an SFiO contributor yet, but wish to try it out first, contact Anton via email.

Your hosts are: Paut Kromkamp, Liselotte Baeijaert & Anton Stellamans.For more information feel free to contact Anton.


1-2 June 2018 / SOL World DACH

14-15 June 2018 / UKASFP Conference

“If you are good at building bridges, you will never fall into the abyss!”     ― Mehmet Murat ĺldan

By Building Bridges, we mean the act of coming together with other non-SF ideas, groups, people, movements, in a way that results in mutual benefit to both parties. And, of course, in benefit to the clients or ‘users’ of the services.

For more information click here:

15-16 June 2018 / World Conference Solution III

19 June 2018 / Lowlands Chapter

SFiO Lowlands Chapter meeting

You are welcome to join the 3rd SFiO Chapter of the Lowlands meeting in Leuven on 19 June 2018!

Solution Focus in Organisations (SFiO) is a professional body for practitioners of SF in organisations. As a member, you are part of a global network of leaders, consultants, trainers, coaches and facilitators / team coaches, who seek to improve the reach and quality of Solution Focus in Organisations.

Each session will offer a workshop, an opportunity to share your cases and time to network.

SFiO contributors (members) can register via eventbrite. If you are not an SFiO contributor yet, but wish to try it out first, contact Anton via email.


22 September 2018 / German Chapter

SFiO and friends – German Chapter in Köln

You are welcome to join the German SFiO Chapter in Köln on 22 September 2018!

Das deutschsprachige Chapter von SFIO lädt ein zum persönlichen Treffen und Austausch, für Mitglieder und Praktiker/innen, die an der Anwendung lösungsfokussierter Beratung im Organisationskontext interessiert sind. Das Schwerpunkt-Thema für den Tag und eine Anmeldemöglichkeit wird bald bekannt gegeben.

Contact: Dr. Peter Röhrig

13 November 2018 / Lowlands Chapter

SFiO Lowlands Chapter meeting

You are welcome to join the 4th SFiO Chapter of the Lowlands meeting in Breda on 13 November 2018!

We komen samen op Vraagkracht in de Druivenstraat 65 in 4861 KB Breda om 12:00 met een welkom en verkennen waar jij het graag over wil hebben. Na de broodjeslunch volgt een workshop van een interessante spreker. Na de koffiepauze is er ruimte voor een boeiende intervisie. We ronden af om 18:00.

Deze sessies staan open voor SFiO leden. Enkele plaatsen reserveren we voor niet leden die graag eens komen proeven voor ze zich lid maken van SFiO. Contacteer dan eerst Anton via mail.


SFiO contributors (members) can register via eventbrite. If you are not an SFiO contributor yet, but wish to try it out first, contact Anton via email.


“SFiO News”

NEW! Chapter in the Lowlands

We are glad to announce our newly founded SFiO local Chapter. The Chapter of the Lowlands invites SFiO members and interested practitioners to meetings with a focus on the application of SF in an organisational context. Welcome to the Chapter in the Lowlands … The...

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NEW! Global Online Chapter

We are delighted to launch our new Global Online Chapter, with huge thanks to Ewan Muirhead and Andrew Gibson for setting it up! This online chapter is primarily designed to give access to a chapter  for SFiO contributors who are unable to reach their local chapters...

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Your wish to contribute in other ways:

If you wish to contribute in other ways to SFiO, please see the list of suggestions here below and contact us with your ideas on how you would like to support the growth an quality of Solution Focus in Organisations this year: Run a Chapter session: You are interested...

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