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Sharing Stories of SOLWorld Success

John Brooker, Carey Glass and Annie Bordeleau Welcome to this special edition featuring the SOLWorld 2019 Conference! This year, we met in Budapest from the 23-24 May to explore “Signs of Progress”. It was a beautiful setting for the international SF community to reconnect, share ideas, talk about developments and work on common projects. SFiO collaborated closely with the SOLworld organisation team to record workshops and SOLTalks and to conduct interviews to share here in this edition of InterAction.

SOLWORLD Conference 2021

We would be delighted to welcome you to the [SOLworld Conference 2021 in Vienna](, Austria. Together, we will have three days full of inspiration, co-creation, learning, acting, observing and reflecting about the impact solutions focus can have on the lives of many in and after such a crisis.