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SFiO Unconference feedback

Annie Bordeleau, John Brooker & Marika Tammeaid SF in Large Scale Contexts Inspired by two articles, from Sofie Geisler[i] and Marika Tammeaid[ii], SFiO held its the first Unconference on the theme, “SF in Large Scale Contexts” on 6 & 7 December 2019 at the atmospheric Irish College in Leuven, Belgium, with much success on different levels. 30 people attended, some new to SFiO, holding 29 separate sessions on a diverse range of topics related to the theme.

Be an InterAction contributor

Annie Bordeleau, John Brooker, Carey Glass SFiO wants to share the knowledge, skills and experience of our contributors within the SFiO network and out to the wider organisational world. InterAction is one way to achieve that. We encourage you to put your ideas to the Editors for features you would like to see in InterAction. We are happy to make them happen or help you bring them to fruition.

Youth 2 Youth

Tara Gretton Introduced by Tara Gretton Terre des Hommes Switzerland is a development aid agency. The organisation supports the economic, political and social self-determination of people in developing countries. It works with local partner organisations in ten countries in Africa and Latin America and primarily supports young people. Where possible, they work together with local partner organisations. The focal points of the work are: Prevention of violence Education and income Health.

Empowering People for Successful Change?

Susanne Burgstaller Introduced by Alan Lyons Susanne has 30 years of experience in change consulting; however, she believes her last 20 years were the most productive ones, as she was using the Solution-Focused approach. Luckily for us, Susanne’s new mission is to teach what she has learned about making change impactful and fast. So sit back and prepare to propel through a well-honed and accessible array of tools and ideas to help empower people for successful change.

SFiO Sunday Fika!

Join us every third Sunday of the month with your coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Following the success of 'Fika the Crisis' we decided that the community spirit the Fika brings is worth preserving.

SF24/22 – Building Hope, Empowering Change

The Retreat will start on Monday, August 8nd 2022 at 19:00 CET and end on Friday, August 12th, 17:30 CET. Attendance at the Retreat is FREE. You cover any travel and accommodation costs that you decide to include in your Retreat arrangements.

SF24/22 – Building Hope, Empowering Change

A FREE Global-Spanning Conference – 4th & 5th August 2022

Global Chapter - The Brain and the Impact of Solution Focus Questions

On Tuesday, 29 March 2022 at 17:00 CET. Join to discover what happens in the brain when we ask a solution-focused question? and how might this knowledge influence organisations?

Co-creation Experiment – How can Solution Focus shape self-organisation?

What happens if you bring together different people interested in SF or self-organisation or both? Let's find out!

SF DAY!!! SFiO Improvised Fika

Join us on **MONDAY 3 MAY 2021** to connect and celebrate the start (or end) of this year's SF World day.