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SOLWorld 2016 – SOL Talks

John Brooker In 2013 the organising team of the SOLWorld conference in Bad Pyrmont Germany (Annie Bordeleau, John Brooker, Christoph Papst, Anton Stellamans and Penny West), introduced a new concept for the conference, the SOLTalk. ‘Borrowed’ from the TedTalk concept, the talks were immediately successful and have run ever since at SOLWorld conferences. The talks have been videod since 2013, sponsored first by SFCT and since the closure of SFCT, by SFiO Contributors.

Using SF in Deutsche Bahn Systel's organisational transformation

An Interview with Frank Gollas Introduced by Annie Bordeleau Many Agile practitioners have adopted the Solution-Focused approach to lead constructive conversations with their teams, invite self-reflection, develop the future vision and plan actionable next steps. Frank Gollas and his colleagues have taken this relationship to the next level, however. In this short interview, Frank describes how SF is weaved into a large transformative project in a company of 4000 employees, which is slowly building 300 self-authored teams.

Solution Focused Design Thinking

Stephanie Hammer Introduced by Trevor Durnford Some of the world’s leading brands, such as Apple, Google, Samsung and AstraZeneca, have rapidly adopted the Design Thinking approach. Staff in leading universities worldwide, including Stanford, Harvard, and MIT are teaching Design Thinking. So there is no doubt that this approach is gaining real traction in organisations. In this video, Stephanie Hammer introduces the fundamentals of design thinking to SF practitioners around the world.


Join us on January 17-18, 2020: [S**OLWORLDDACH 2020**]( in Frankfurt am Main . Wir freuen uns auf eine Open-Space-Konferenz! Euer Organisationsteam: Kirsten Dierolf, Frank Gollas, Stefan Kreil und Joachim Norf.

SF Trainers' Conference 2020

Join the the SF trainers' conference on 7 & 8 March 2020 in Frankfurt Germany This is a very simple Open Space conference and is only for people who currently train others in Solution Focused Practice or for those who have trained others in Solution Focused Practice, including organisational work.

Reviewed Piece of SF work: Ingrid Reisch

Achieving a renewed working model. How can we organise ourselves to obtain more quality in our work and cope with the VUCA-world we live in?

Reviewed Piece of SF work: Peter Röhrig

Workshop mit jungen Lehrenden der Philologischen Fakultät der Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) – zur Vernetzung in der Fakultät und zur Kompetenzentwicklung in der akademischen Lehre

57 SF Activities for facilitators and consultants

Putting solution focus into action

Lösungsfokussiertes Konflikt-Management in Organisationen

Methoden und Praxisbeispiele für Konfliktlösung zwischen Einzelnen, in Teams und Organisationseinheiten

Solution Tools

Die 60 besten, sofort einsetzbaren Workshop-Interventionen mit dem Solution Focus