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Reviewed Piece of SF work: Peter Sundman

From Degradation to Fame This coaching was special to me as a coach, because the customer’s goal for the coaching was to survive from a devastating degradation she had recently experienced as a middle manager in a public service work place.

Reviewed Piece of SF work: Riitta Salminen

Individual career coaching process of a CEO (2010-2011) The goal of the process was to help a CEO leaving an organization to find a new position within a reasonable time. The process lasted for six months and included 8 sessions. The career coaching included three steps: self-analysis, getting to know various job search methods and active self-marketing.

Reviewed Piece of SF work: Sirkkaliisa Heimonen

Individual coaching process ‘Building a systematic method for creative work’ (2015-2016)

Leading Public Administration - New rationale, practice and tools for creating and developing public sector leadership

Develop SF style Public Sector leadership of 2020's

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