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"How to build large scale change"

Marika Tammeaid Introduced by Carey Glass This article is short yet packs much thoughtful punch. It provides two practical tools for use in large scale change. The first tool is a spin-off from the concept of an SF scale. It represents hierarchical organisations as a ladder to enable thinking about interactions from all perspectives; the broad perspective of leadership to the coalface perspective of staff. The second is an elegant way of mapping the continuum and need for organisational stability, or change, against the level of environmental uncertainty.

SF Practice in Workforce Development

inge-nijkamp, John Brooker A Fresh Eye – Introduction Most of us want to learn from the masters, the long experienced, to help us refine our work. Yet, for people new to SF, it is perhaps encouraging and useful to learn how other inexperienced people have approached their work using SF. For more experienced practitioners, beginners can bring a fresh eye and perhaps introduce novel ways of using SF. As such, we aim to highlight this work whenever we can.

Empowering People for Successful Change

elvira-kalmer Introduced by Annette Gray Elvira Kalmar presents an inspiring Case Study session on how, as an Organisational Development consultant, she worked in a Solution Focus way with her client Invitech to bring about an agile transformation fast and with incredible lightness. Elvira engaged me as she described her approach (or lack of process as she explained), allowing the client to be the expert in their world, helping them define what agile transformation would look like and co-creating the steps along the way.