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"Learning from our own diversity"

Biba Rebolj Introduced by Lilian Ing I love experiencing and working with people from different cultures, and this is what attracted me to this online workshop. I was not disappointed: 22 cultures were present at the meeting, bringing not only their wealth of diversity but also the common ground of being SF Practitioners. SF group learning is always fun, vibey, collaborative and light, and this session was no exception!

"If I can you Can Too!"

A Global Chapter Meeting with Annette Gray and Peter McLean Introduced by Andrew Gibson With this simple premise, lives have been transformed in Australia, thanks to the Can Too Foundation. The Can Too Foundation works with a community of supporters who train their bodies and minds towards a goal event. While they benefit personally from this programme, they also give back to the Foundation through fundraising, and through supporting their fellow trainees.

"Three beautiful SF conversations"

Alex Steele on the piano and Dom on the saxophone take us through an entrancing journey. A journey where you can truly stretch your SF beliefs as never before, as they work with what is there and fully accept the offerings of others to move forward.

Empowering People for Successful Change?

Susanne Burgstaller Introduced by Alan Lyons Susanne has 30 years of experience in change consulting; however, she believes her last 20 years were the most productive ones, as she was using the Solution-Focused approach. Luckily for us, Susanne’s new mission is to teach what she has learned about making change impactful and fast. So sit back and prepare to propel through a well-honed and accessible array of tools and ideas to help empower people for successful change.

9de SFiO Chapter of the Lowlands bijeenkomst!

We zijn erg blij om je te verwelkomen op de negende bijeenkomst van de SFiO Chapter of the Lowlands. Ook dit keer zullen we online samenkomen. Tue, June 22, 2021 / 1:30 PM – 4:00 PM CEST

2021 SFiO Downunder - How can transformation happen fast and with lightness?

A Case Study on an Agile (and Solution Focused) Transformation - a Global Chapter hosted by Annette Gray of the DownUnder Chapter **TUESDAY 25 MAY from 11:00-12:30 CEST**

2021 SFiO Downunder at the Solution Focused Bootcamp

New dates! Join us for 3rd SFiO Downunder at the Solution Focused Summer Bootcamp 3 which will be held on **THURSDAY, 4 March from 9:30-11:30 NSW (Sydney Time)**

Coaching Clinic 教练演习会

Upscale your coaching skills by means of practice and support for a Community of Practitioners.


新冠肺炎疫情下的求职环境充满挑战,前景不明朗,加上后疫情时代的职场新趋势,让在职人士乱了阵脚?! 作为职场教练,您会如何提问协助客户提高就业实力,开启后疫情时代的职场生涯

Teaming for Results

Our first event for the year, 2021. All are welcomed to attend. We planned for two sessions to cater to participants from Europe and India. Hope this helps to get us to a good start for 2021.