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Sari Nousiainen

Sari Nousiainen

SFiO Reviewed Practitioner
SFiO Contributor

Continuous development has always been the key value of Sari’s life. As an HR Manager and Solution Focused Coach Sari is passionate to pro-actively translate business needs into HR solutions and act as a change agent in the organization. Sari Nousiainen acts as a solution focused coach in her own work community as part of the HR Manager role. Sari specializes in Coach implementations of business leaders and managers. In addition to coaching, Sari utilizes Solution Focus in her own day-to-day work and life. Solution Focused is not just training for her, she lives it every day.

Reviewed Piece of Work:

Client Coaching – to clarify role as HR Manager

The implementation of the client’s coaching was part of the development plan of the management team of his area of responsibility, where personal coaching was agreed for all members of the management team. The Coaching was ordered by the head of that business unit. Other Management Team Coachings were conducted by the Business Consulting Center. All coaching processes include the beginning and the end of a tripartite meeting between the client, the coach and the orderer, and setting goals and metrics for the process. The customer’s goal was to clarify his role as an HR Manager and to find tools for his own time management.

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