Anton Stellamans

Anton Stellamans

Board Member
SFiO Chapter Head
SFiO Contributor


Main activities:

  • team and individual coaching,
  • facilitation,
  • supervision and ‘intervision’
  • training in Solution-Focus


  • Ilfaro: SF coaching, training and facilitation: co-owner
  • Korzybski Institute, Bruges: trainer
  • SFiO Chapter of the Lowlands: co-host
  • SFiO Board member
  • SOLWorld: Steering committee


  • MA Philosophy, MA History, University of Leuven;
  • SFBT, 4 year training, Korzybski Institute, Bruges, Belgium;
  • SF workshops, training, conferences, … lots.


  • Resilient People, Resilient Teams (Dutch, English, German & Hungarian)
  • The Art of Giving Feedback

Main themes:

  • Solution focused coaching;
  • Resilience;
  • SF and mimesis and enargeia;
  • SF applications in organisations.

Country: Belgium