Contribute in 2021 to make more possible!

Our SFiO Focus 2021

Building on the progress made in 2020

During our SFiO AGM on 17 January 2021, we explored how SFiO can continue and enhance its contribution to making good quality SF accessible for everyone. 2020 was a very unexpected year where we have shifted our energy towards creating ways of connecting and learning online as a community.

Here is the result of an exercise we did on sharing the noticeable difference the contributors made for the SF Community in 2020: (every ‘*’ enphasizes the comment that was shared)

The noticeable shift in 2020:

New SFiO Website:

  • Is now online and is fantastic! ***
  • We were pleased that the website was created

FiKas weekly and then monthly:

  • Regular FiKa coffee session helping us overcome the crisis. :-) *******
  • Fikas! reconnection with the positive vibes.
  • Warm connection ** Maintained a close link between us
  • Regular Fikas and other online meetings enhance the feeling of CONNECTION


  • Going online
  • Growth in SFiO Chapter members *
  • Desire to grow chapters
  • Chapter heads meetings *
  • Australia: Bootcamps (were a success!)
  • Increased chapter participation, interest and activity as well
  • SFiO & Positive Psychology online Meetup by German Chapter
  • More local chapter meetings

Review Process:

  • Seeing the Clues emerge in these pieces of work that were submitted, was gratifying.
  • Offers the possibility to reflect on own work through review process

SF online retreat!!

  • was a success, even in combination with SF24.

The InterAction Collection:

  • The quality of InterAction has increased hugely: InterAction has become more interesting and with diverse inputs
  • Interview with Julia and her sailors: Antons interview = digging for resources felt so encouraging
  • SFIO talks - recorded as resources


  • Positive curve! *
  • More events have taken place and more people have been able to access
  • The events from all over the world. *
  • Mailing list was keeping us connected and informed *
  • Silence moment by Jonas & Anton *
  • Great support from and for everyone transferring to virtual working **
  • Zoom allowed us to meet, around the world **
  • SFIO webinars *
  • IT-expertise and people being utilized by members the nerds (heroes) *
  • SF has become even more important due to the crisis.
  • SFiO tackled the pandemic in an SF way helping people with what we needed and wanted
  • It’s beautiful to see how people adopted to this new way of working and collaborating so quicklly

A big thank you to all who have contributed with your energy and financially to making 2020 possible! and for your input in shaping the future of SFiO at the AGM. In 2021, our focus will be to continue building on what we established since 2016 and focus on becoming an even stronger SF learning community: With your contribution in 2021, here are our best hopes:

Our Focus in 2021

Our best hopes are:

  • to grasp opportunities emerging to meet, share and learn together
  • to showcase and connect to more people working in organisations
  • to build the SF library on our website and enhance the learning platform

Support 2021 Global EVENTS

  • Keeping up cooperating with SOLworld **
  • SOLWorld to be onsite in Vienna with most people
  • SOLworld 2021 - Videos online**
  • SOL Summer Rretreat with a lot of SFiO :)
  • A LIVE 2021 SFiO Post Corona Unconference*
  • Support SF24 21**
  • Contribute to virtual fairs to promote SFiO. *
  • SF World Day Event


  • More SFiO Chapter events
  • How we can learn from other local Chapters: projects, events, members


  • To continue
  • Give clients a voice also as regular participants in Fikas via Conceptboard
  • Continue FiKas AFTER the crisis - every 3rd Sunday ****

SFiO Website

  • Continue buidling the website*
  • Use more of the resources on the SFiO website and share *

Strengthen our connection with organisations *

  • Exploring concept of Impact Awards? Both for clients and practitioners.
  • A conference on SF in organization with client
  • More business networking success happening in our community

Reviewed Practitioner Process

  • I want to become a SFiO reviewed practitioner :) ******

The InterAction Collection:

  • Continuing content presentations from different practitioners *
  • Get more people in organisations have an article published in InterAction
  • Even more SFiO podcasts and interviews.

Journal of SF Practice

  • More articles produced by SFiO in the Journal for SF Practice (the academic approach)

Other comments shared during the AGM:

  • Keep at it,we’re in this thing for the long run, so no need to hurry.
  • Keep doing the stuff you’re doing well, and keep doing it well.*
  • Continue the great work of 2020**
  • Whatever we are doing is working so let’s keep doing it! *
  • Keep openeness for everyone to come in a respectful way
  • Give clients a voice to talk about their experiences, as contributors.**
  • Even stronger community *