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“I thought the first issue looked  wonderful, it totally exceeded my expectations both in terms of content and  physical layout.”  Terry Trepper, Professor of Psychology, Purdue University, Calumet

InterAction is a multidisciplinary  international journal covering developments and research in the field of solution focused and other interactional, emergent and post-structural approaches from the fields of organisational change, therapy, social and discursive  psychology, complexity, agile and more.   The journal has high academic standards and informs practice in these fields, as well as helping define and refine these emerging new  approaches to change. It was initiated by the Association for Quality Development of Solution Focused Consulting and Training (SFCT)

ISSN: 1883-8063 (print edition), 2191-8961  (online edition)
The journal appears twice a year, in May  and November and was first published in May 2009.  It features:

  • Peer-reviewed articles
  • Research reviews from organisational and other fields (including therapy, education and social settings)
  • Interviews with leading figures
  • Book reviews
  • Classic papers
  • Opinion pieces and polemics

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