SFiO Contributor Benefits

SFiO is a professional body for practitioners of SF in organisations. As a contributor, you are part of a global network of Leaders, HR Specialists, Consultants, Trainers, Coaches and Facilitators, who seek to improve the reach and quality of Solution Focus in organisations

  • If you work independently, SFiO provides a layer of organisational credibility and Reviewed Contributor are entitled to use the logo of SFiO on their website.  We promote Solution Focus approaches and case studies where possible and encourage research
  • As a contributor, you receive copies of the InterAction Journal, as part of an agreement between ASFCT and SFiO. InterAction provides classic and sometimes hard (or expensive) to obtain articles, along with practical articles on SF tools, case studies and book reviews. It is edited by a highly experienced and knowledgeable team of editors
  • You can attend SFiO Chapters Meetings for free.  These provide a local resource and opportunities to network. Chapter Heads lead these Chapters, within countries, within sub-regions of countries where the geography is large, (e.g. UK, South Africa, Singapore) and in groups of countries (e.g. German-speaking countries). The level of activity varies by country. As an example, in the UK, there are three Chapter Meetings a year with speakers and an ad lib agenda, in the German-speaking region there are two meetings a year. If there is no Chapter in your country, you are encouraged and supported to establish one
  • SFiO enables continuing professional development for practitioners of SF in organisations, to improve the quality and reach of SF as well as to educate those interested in SF. SFiO offers reviews of work, courses, webinars, teleconferences, Chapter workshops,  etc. These are regional or countrywide, where there is demand.
  • Our AGMs are usually combined with workshops or other SF events to make them more attractive to attend
    • We provide electronic voting for those who want to participate in the democratic process but cannot travel and we intend to use teleconferencing to encourage higher participation
  • SFiO contributors can receive discounts on courses and conferences sponsored by SFiO


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