How to contribute and be part of SFiO

Becoming an SFiO Contributor

If you are interested in growing the use of Solution Focus in organisations, you are welcome to become an active contributor in the SFiO Network.

At its most basic, you can contribute financially, to enable us to maintain the online journal, expand our  physical Chapters for people to meet, manage the Global Online Chapter, create an SF resource portal and develop new ways of promoting, supporting and applying SF in organisations. The more money we raise, the more we can do.

Some of the current SFiO contributors support us  to run the local physical Chapters, facilitate the Global online Chapter, seek, write, review and edit material to publish in our online journal, carry out reviews with individuals who wish to be reviewed and generally make the organisation function. If you wish to take part

The fee for 2017 is £60 and includes the online InterAction Journal, participation to any Local Chapter meeting, and priority access to our Global Online Chapter meetings . We will add more benefits as we can.

This is a yearly fee, starting at the beginning of the calendar year and ending at the end of that year .

EventBrite reduces our administration time and costs and helps us keep track of Contributors and funds in the easiest way. If you have any questions using EventBrite, please contact