Annual Member Meeting Report First AGM 19 May 2016 in Liverpool UK

Launching ASFIO to the wider SF community

The AGM took place as an open meeting (open to members and non members) following a SOL talk given by John Brooker at the SOLWorld conference.

In the talk, John related SOL to the original Visa payments organisation, highlighting the SF credentials of the Visa founder, Dee Hock. He explained that the original principles of Visa formation were very similar to those of SOL. He suggested that if SF is to penetrate to the heart of organisations, there must be more structure (the heart beat) than SOL currently gives. He emphasised the need to keep all that is good in the SF world at present, the SOL events with open access, the SF list and InterAction and to ensure that the organisational and therapy strands of SF continue to learn from each other. He announced ASFIO publically, along with announcing the Board members and what ASFIO wants to achieve.

[ASFIO sponsored the filming of the talks and we will publish these and let you know so you can view the talk once published. This sponsorship was made by ASFCT at previous conferences.


Appointment of Board

The Board was accepted without a vote and John Brooker was voted President.

Financial Statement

The Financial Statement was accepted (see later). The Financial Statement is an interim statement prepared by John Brooker, rather than a formal document. John had funded the establishment of the company and the design of the web site from his own funds and members present gave permission to repay this expenditure.

Issues with ASFCT / ASFIO

During the meeting it was clear that there is still residual ill feeling about the set up of ASFCT in 2009, extending to the establishment of ASFIO. A number of people in the SF community at that time, felt that ASFCT was set up without full consultation with the wider SOL world and that it was “exclusive”. One attendee voiced his concerns about this at the AGM and questioned the need for ASFIO.

John assured everyone that ASFIO is intended to be highly inclusive and will continue to support all that is working in the wider SF community as ASFCT did.

He explained that ASFIO had first targeted ASFCT members because of the impending membership renewal and that now a Board was appointed we would be extending a welcome to all people interested in SF in organisations.

He explained that ASFIO was set up to focus on growing SF in organisations (as SOL was) and that some structure, focus and financing will help support this. While there have been some successes in organisations, there is still a huge amount of progress to be made and ASFIO can complement the SOL network. John emphasised that he wants ASFIO to bring together the whole community and to have all SF people support the new organisation.

Co-opting of Board members

In the interests of moving forward with a united body of SF people the Board will seek to co-opt two Members to the Board who had not previously had the opportunity to put their names forward.

Renaming of the Board and President

In informal discussions, members referred to the formality of the names, “the Board” and “President”, which give the impression of a rather bureaucratic organisation. A change to the names could be a symbolic statement that ASFIO is a different type of organisation. This will be a first topic to address.

John Brooker – President



Liverpool SOLWorld Open Space

Topic: As Members or potential Members, what do / would you want from ASFIO?

We held an open space in which people were asked to answer the above question. People worked in small teams on this. Not all were existing members. We have recorded and categorised to make it easier to take in the information.

Make a difference
  • High-quality [materials, people?]
  • Influence
  • Quickly find things / save time
  • – SOL reciprocal
  • A purpose – with tasks
  • Easy to use content
  • SF at the heart of six Sigma and lean etc
Develop my business
  • People are generous (contribute to my livelihood)
  • I get extra contracts
  • Attract more potential clients and makes them more curious about SF, helping them find us and convincing them of our sanity
  • Credible credentials
  • Pathway to working with customers doing SF
  • Facilitating teams of practitioners to come together for major projects
Exchange knowledge and skills
  • Case/piece of work providing credentials and evidence for clients that is accessible and searchable
  • Exchange of ideas between country chapters
  • See how other organisations practice SF, do what they’re doing and get inspired e.g.   Banks
  • International network of knowledge
  • Learn from how other organisations get the results I want to get
  • Possibility to visit and learn from other organisations
  • Platform to help with finding specialists in specific areas e.g. risk management, managing social enterprises with particular background/competences
  • Networking platform
  • PDFs of interaction
Develop skills
  • Mentors – Who are accessible and surgical
  • Ask people to volunteer as buddies
  • Expand your skills
  • Solution focused apps in organisations formats
  • Professional accreditation
  • Engagement – Both ways
  • Engagement with SOL world
  • Welcome pack
  • An email to new members: we see you join what is it you want?
  • Cool offers for my adolescent children, life shifts, cooperate, fun way to have good conversations
  • Cool events on and off-line, platform to find it on (Eventbrite)
  • Good homepage fast and easy to navigate
Make finance easier
  • Direct debit payment
  • Engagement – Early bird fee
  • Members find members – lower cost
  • Good value
  • Affordable

Our AGM Policy

Our AGM policy is laid out in the Articles of Association. Please click here to download a copy of the Articles.

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