Our Board

The Board is responsible for the effective and efficient running of ASFIO. The Board was  established at the first AGM in May 2016 and is comprised of ten members, including a President. A decision was made by the Board to co-opt an additional member and due to work pressures, one member resigned from the Board, leaving the Board with ten.

The size may reduce over time, yet with the challenges ahead, it is good to have an experienced team from a number of countries. The current Board will stand for re-election or step down at the next AGM, sometime in 2017. We regard the Board as enablers, helping to grow SF in organisations through our network.

You can find a temporary document below, which provides a short story about each Board member, what they bring to the Association and a link to their Linked In page for further details. We will update this page with this information and photographs as soon as we can.

Board Member Details November 2017





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