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One contribution at a time

At our 2018 AGM, we agreed to continue a new type of funding so that we make access to SFiO as open as possible. Instead of a fixed £60 fee, we invite you to make a contribution from £25 up to £85.

To renew your contribution, please click the button above to go to Eventbrite* in another tab and choose the ticket for the contribution you want to make for this year, (1 February, 2019, until 31 January, 2020).

Watch John Brooker and Annie Bordeleau talk about why we use the contributor model and how we invest your contributions.

With apologies, John F. Kennedy was speaking at his inauguration ceremony, not to a bunch of students!

Assuming we maintain the number of contributors, the minimum contribution will definitely enable SFiO to continue to:

  • Publish the online journal to make SF knowledge and practice accessible to anyone
  • Fund the costs of running the SOLWorld list []
  • Develop a new the SFiO website,to provide a source of contact and information for people interested in SF
  • Run the Global Online Chapter;to allow everyone to network, wherever they live, at no charge to contributors
  • Sponsor SOLWorld conference organisers to create video record of as many talks and workshops as possible
  • Develop an e-book for leaders in organisations, written by contributors [Done]
  • Enable all contributors to take part in decision making on the Loomio online discussion and polling platform and make SFiO governance as transparent and democratic as possible

If people make higher contributions than the minimum, SFiO’s financial situation is promising in 2019/20, and people are ready to contribute their time and skill, we will gladly support initiatives such as:

  • Develop an online multimedia library on SF in organisations, to increase the knowledge of SF
  • Subsidise room hire for local chapters, to increase opportunities to meet other SF practitioners
  • Seek to accredit the SFiO review process, to provide an organisational qualification
  • Conduct or sponsor research into the effectiveness and potential for SF in organisations, to raise credibility
  • Provide scholarships for young people to attend courses run by reviewed contributors, to broaden the knowledge across generations

Personally, we are excited by the opportunity we have to make a difference in organisations and society. Our best hope is that you are too and that you will contribute both financially and collaboratively. May you achieve your best hopes in the next twelve months.

Annie Bordeleau and John Brooker Co-Presidents on behalf of SFiO

Feel free to contact the SFiO team with any questions

To renew your contribution, please click the button below to go to Eventbrite* in another tab and choose the ticket for the contribution you want to make for this year, (1 February 2019, until 31 January 2020).

*Eventbrite reduces our administration time and costs and helps us keep track of Contributors and funds in the easiest way. It also saves you money on bank transfers and is really easy to use! If you have any questions about using EventBrite to make your contribution, please contact

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