Welcome to our SOL Summer Retreat in Hungary from August 5-10, 2018!


For the 9th time already a group of enthusiastic Solution Focused practitioners are invited to connect, inspire, be inspired and fully energized while learning about SF through friendly open space exchange, relaxing in the summertime, enjoying the peace and calm of a delightful venue.

May we invite you to Rosinante Inn again www.rosinante.hu/en, on a small island in the Danube, 20 kilometers from Budapest, Hungary. We loved this venue during the 2016 Retreat so much that we decided to return to this lovely place with its perfect, flexible workshop spaces, great hospitality and wonderful cuisine. You will enjoy the wellness section of the inn, the quiet of the island in the Danube and the surprise outdoor programs if you choose so. The inn can accommodate just around 30 and will be reserved for us, retreaters.

As for the program:  we’ll keep the well-proven flexible and always surprising open space formula throughout the retreat. For those who have not been yet to a retreat: Do you have creative, innovative, playful SF practices to share? Are you looking for supportive partners for professional ideas you are about to develop? Do you have questions you want to discuss with colleagues who have had vast experience in SF work? Come to the retreat! We all have SF in common, so: trust that the right people will be there to create the right moment so that the right things can happen – in the workshops and in-between them! J

We gather on Sunday August 5th from 3 p.m onwards, have the usual 4 full days’ practical SF work and play, and leave after breakfast on Friday, August 10th

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